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A cashback casino bonus is one of the most popular types of promotional offers on online gambling platforms. It enables you to spice up the gameplay and get back some part of the money that you’ve lost. It’s very easy to become eligible for casinos cashback. All you need to do is gamble actively for real cash. In this article, we’ll explain in detail the essence and benefits of the cashback bonus casino. You’ll get to know how to claim the cashback bonus online casino, how to wager it and in which varieties this promotional offer is available.


The Best Cashback Casinos in Canada

Daily Cashback up to 20%
5.0 rating
T&Cs Apply

Please mind the fact bonus comes with its

Terms &Conditions.

Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $500 Bonus + 50 FS
8 games
5.0 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please mind the fact bonus comes with its

Terms &Conditions.

Welcome Bonus:
100% Bonus up to $300 or 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
9 games
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please mind the fact bonus comes with its

Terms &Conditions.

Bonus: 10% Cashback Bonus
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please mind the fact bonus comes with its

Terms &Conditions.

Welcome Bonus:
100% up to CA$ 750 + up to 200 extra spins
4.3 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please mind the fact bonus comes with its

Terms &Conditions.

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What Is a Casino Cashback Bonus

When playing in an online casino, you’ll be not only winning but sometimes also losing money. The administrations of gambling platforms understand very well that no one enjoys losing. That’s why they found a way to console clients and motivate them to come back. Thanks to cashback, you’ll get back some part of the sum that you’ve lost. You won’t be allowed to withdraw these funds immediately, but you’ll be required to spend them on games and wager them.

How to Get Сashback Bonus Online Casino?

To get cashback, you should place bets actively with real cash. Then, wait till the moment when the money lands on your bonus account and use it to place bets.

Cashback is not credited to those who:

  • Win more money than lose
  • Try to cheat or display patterns of fraudulent behavior
  • Launch games in free demo mode without putting their real savings at stake

The more you lose, the larger your cashback. However, there might be a maximum limit for the amount of bonus that you can receive during a specific time period.

How to Claim Cashback

In some casinos, cashback is credited automatically. The administration informs its clients in advance about the time when the bonus funds will land on their balance. You just need to wait a bit.

On other platforms, you should claim your cashback manually by pushing a button in your user profile.

If it’s a short-term bonus, you might be required to type in a promo code to activate it. The funds will be credited to you within the activity period of the offer if you meet all the requirements.

If you have already claimed your cashback on your computer, you won’t be able to do it again on your mobile device (and vice versa).

Temporary Cashback vs Short-Term Cashback

Usually, cashback is available as a permanent offer. Besides, there might be short-term bonuses of this sort. They might feature a higher cashback percentage than usual for those who play certain types of games, meeting certain conditions. To qualify, you might need to place bets no lower than a specific sum or use a particular payment system. Short-term offers are supposed to be claimed manually while permanent cashback is often credited automatically.

Variety of Cashback Bonuses

Cashback can be available in multiple varieties: on all losses, VIP, welcome, no wager, daily, weekly and monthly. Below, we’ll analyze all these types of promotional offers in detail.

On All Loses

Thanks to this bonus, you’ll get back a fixed percentage of what you’ve lost (such as 10%). Only real cash will be taken into account. Let’s imagine a situation when you deposited 20 CAD, got 20 CAD as a 100% reload bonus and lost this money. In this situation, you can expect to get back 2 CAD because it’s 10% of the 20 CAD that you deposited in cash.

Daily Cashback Bonus

Thanks to this type of offer, you’ll get back a part of what you lost in 24 hours. Attention: probably, the beginning and the end of this period will be calculated not in your time zone. At 11 pm, you might be gambling merrily, thinking that your losses will be included in the cashback that you’ll get tomorrow. Yet, in fact, it’s already past midnight in the casino’s time zone, and your current losses won’t be included in the formula.

Weekly Cashback Bonus

This promotional offer enables you to retrieve some part of what you’ve lost during the week. You’ll have one week to wager your cashback. If you fail to do so, you might lose both the bonus funds and the winnings that you’ve made thanks to them. This promotional offer is great for motivating players to come back to the casino regularly.

Monthly Cashback Bonus

If the cashback is credited once per month, you need to be patient. When it lands on your balance, its amount will probably be much larger than the sum of its weekly counterpart. It’s great to receive cashback every month because you have a lot of time to wager it comfortably. You can choose whether to gamble on weekdays or weekends. You won’t need to push yourself to play when you don’t 100% feel like it simply because you have to wager the gift.

VIP Cashback Bonus

In some casinos, all players receive cashback, regardless of their VIP rank. In others, you need to reach a certain level to become eligible for this type of bonus. The higher your VIP level, the more generous the reward. If you don’t gamble actively and regularly, your rank can downgrade, and the percentage of your cashback will decrease too.

Welcome Bonus Cashback

Sometimes, cashback can be included in the welcome gift for new clients. But that would be a rare occasion. The most common type of welcome bonuses and match ones are often accompanied by free spins. The logic is obvious: the more bonus funds you get, the longer it will take you to wager them — and the more profit the casino will make.

No Wager Cashback Bonus

Usually, cashback needs to be wagered. However, some casinos lack this requirement. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to withdraw the bonus funds immediately. You’ll have to spend them on games — and if you win, feel free to withdraw. This is one of the most profitable types of promotional offers.

Cashback on Live Casino Games

Compared to slots, live dealer games have a higher RTP and a lower house edge. This means they distribute more money among players and leave less to the casino. Gambling platforms frequently offer free spins to slots — but free chips for live dealer games are not too common. Cashback on this type of entertainment enables casinos to optimize their expenses and please their clients.

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Terms and Conditions of Cashback Bonuses

Before you start gambling, please find time to glance through the rules of using cashback. They can be available in:

  • The general terms and conditions of the casino
  • The bonus terms and conditions
  • The rules of a particular promotional offer that you activate

The trickiest moment about calculating cashback is balancing winnings with losses. If you only lose money, everything is obvious. But what if, during one gaming session, you win 10 CAD, then lose 15 CAD, then win 21 CAD, then lose 3 CAD? Some people don’t expect to get the cashback under such conditions because, in total, they have won more than they have lost. Others believe they should get cashback for the 15 CAD + 3 CAD that they’ve lost. This is one of the most common reasons why gamblers leave negative comments about casino cashback. They don’t fully understand the details of the formula.

The crucial parameter is the period of calculating your total winnings and losses. Normally, if it’s weekly cashback, the casino takes into account the results of the week. If you lost more than you won during these 7 days (in total), you’d get your cashback. It will be calculated as a percentage of the sum of your winnings and losses — but not as the percentage of the sum of all your losses.

Check whether you’ll be able to withdraw the sum of your cashback after you’ve wagered it. In some casinos, you’ll be allowed to withdraw only the funds that you won thanks to this offer — but the bonus money will remain within the system. Such cashback is known as sticky.

Online casinos prohibit combining two or more promotional offers into one. However, if your cashback is not a short-term offer, you should be able to combine it with other bonuses.

Last but not least, check the limits for winnings and withdrawing funds with cashback. On some gambling platforms, you won’t be allowed to withdraw a large prize if you win it while wagering the cashback. You’ll be able to send to your card or wallet only that sum that fits into the limit and leave the remaining part in the casino.

Wagering Requirements

In most cases, you’ll be required to wager your cashback. The good news is that the wagering coefficient for this type of bonus is usually much lower than for other types of promotional offers. For instance, x30 is the typical coefficient for deposit bonuses. For their no-deposit counterparts, x50 is the norm. When you get cashback, you might be required to wager it with an x2 coefficient.

It’s important to pay attention to the timeframe of wagering the bonus. If you fail to fit within a specific time period, you can lose both the sum of your cashback and the money that you won, thanks to it.

Top casinos feature handy tools that allow you to monitor the state of your cashback. In your user profile, there might be a countdown to the moment when your next cashback will be credited. Plus, there might be a graph that shows how much you still need to wager.

In some casinos, you get the same amount of cashback for playing all types of games. On other platforms, selected types of entertainment won’t bring you any cashback — most often, these are live dealer games.

The wagering contribution of different games can vary significantly. Slots normally contribute 100%. For other types of entertainment, this number can be 50%, 10% or even 2%. It depends on the RTP and the house edge of games.

Pros and Cons

It’s your chance to minimize expensesTo get a large cashback, you need to lose a lot of money
The gaming process becomes more excitingNot all games contribute to wagering cashback
You don’t need to make an effort to grab this bonus — just gamble actively with real cash
You can benefit from this offer an unlimited number of times
The higher your VIP rank, the more generous the cashback

Safety and Legality of Casinos with Cashback Bonus

Cashback is a 100% safe and legal bonus — provided that you play in a legal and licensed casino. There is nothing wrong with receiving it, and you shouldn’t expect any pitfalls. Only illegal casinos that are not regulated by any authorities might fail to pay cashback to their clients. Their licensed counterparts can’t do so because they won’t be allowed to keep on working.

Some gambling platforms might have geographical limitations for cashback. This decision depends not on the willpower of casino administrations but on the laws of specific countries. To find out whether you’re eligible for this offer, you should:

  1. Open the terms and conditions of the casino
  2. Find the part of the text where the countries with bonus restrictions are listed
  3. Find the name of your country — or discover that is not mentioned there

If your country is mentioned in the list of those territories where cashback is not credited, you shouldn’t try to bypass this regulation. It doesn’t make sense to use VPN, proxy or other tools to hide your real whereabouts. Before withdrawing money, you’ll be asked to verify your identity with copies of your private documents. You’ll be required to provide a recent household bill with your name on it. If the casino administration finds out that you’ve tried to cheat on them, they won’t confirm your withdrawal. Instead, you can try to look for another gambling platform that offers legal cashback to clients from your area. There should be dozens of them available.

Responsible Gambling at Cashback Casino Bonuses

Cashback motivates players to keep on gambling. Even though less than 10% of people are prone to developing gaming addiction, everyone should be aware of it.

When a person becomes dependent on gambling, it becomes challenging for them to stop. They spend more time and funds in online casinos than they can afford. They pay less attention to their families, friends and hobbies. They abandon sports, become nervous and are easily irritated. They begin to borrow money to spend on gambling. The earlier these symptoms are detected, the cheaper and easier it is to prevent the problem.

If you suspect that you might have started to develop a gaming addiction, the following organizations can help you in Canada: Gambling Therapy, GamTalk, National Center for Responsible Gaming, National Council on Problem Gambling, Responsible Gambling Council in Ontario, Arnie & Sheila Wexler Associates, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Gamblers Anonymous.

Players’ Opinions about Cashback Bonuses

I adore cashback, and I always try to get it wherever I can! I have over a dozen cashback cards as well as several dedicated apps and plugins. When I found out that this promotional offer was available in online casinos, too, I was over the moon! Thanks to it, I’m not afraid of losing, and I enjoy my gaming sessions to the max.

Kaden Fisher

I’ve been gambling for around ten years. The terms of the cashback program are one of the most important parameters that I focus on when choosing a gambling platform. I’ve tried all types of cashback: standard and VIP, daily, weekly and monthly, with a wager and without it. I can confirm that this is one of the best casino bonuses. Its rules are transparent, and it always inspires me.

Dawson Altman

Receiving cashback is one of those gambling moments that I’m always looking forward to. When I get it, I feel almost just as happy as when I win cash! Slots are my favorite games. Most of my losses are related to slots — and when cashback is credited to me, I spend it on slots again. In my favorite casino, I don’t need to claim cashback manually. It lands on my balance automatically every Tuesday.

Sarah Philips

I began gambling spontaneously, and I didn’t even bother to read the full terms and conditions of the casino that I signed up for. I was very surprised when I got my first cashback! I thought it was a mistake, and I contacted customer support to fix it. When they told me it was a deliberate act of generosity, I felt incredibly grateful. I don’t mind losing. But I appreciate the fact that the casino takes so much care about me! Of course, I’m always glad to come back to such a hospitable website.

Caleb Olson


Cashback is one of the most popular types of casino promotional offers. To get it, you need to gamble actively with real cash. Thanks to this bonus, you’ll get back a certain percentage of what you have lost. The prize can be credited to you daily, once per week or once per month. You might or might not need to wager it. The wagering coefficients for cashback bonuses are usually much lower than for other types of promotional offers. You won’t be able to withdraw the bonus funds immediately but will be asked to spend them on games. The higher your VIP rank, the more generous reward you can expect to receive. Cashback is a superb offer that enables you to cut down your expenses and spice up your gaming sessions. Both novice and experienced players adore it!