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A crash casino game is a new type of online casino entertainment. It’s available on computers and mobile devices. Players can train for free and then place bets with money. You’ll boost your adrenaline levels and get a chance to win cash. Compared to slots, crash games give you more control over your budget and actions. Compared to poker or blackjack, they are faster and simpler. This review lets you know what a crash slot game is, how to play it, which bonuses to activate and which payment systems to use.


Best Casinos to Play Crash Gambling
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What Is Crash Gambling Game?

It’s a simple, popular and fascinating type of casino entertainment. It resembles slot machines and arcades. Players perform two actions: place bets and cash out. Then, predict the time of the crash and cash out earlier to win money!

Crash games are built on a random number generator. The Provably Fair label often accompanies them. It’s impossible to calculate the outcome of a gaming round or influence it. Common sense helps gamblers to win.

The average RTP of crash games is 96%-97%, and their volatility is medium. The RTP of a slot is characterized as high if it’s 96%. Crash games are generous!

Such games allow hundreds of players to make bets simultaneously. People can communicate in a live chat. They can see each other’s statistics. This data enables you to improve your strategy to win more and lose less. However, some games limit the number of participants per round.

Normally, players can’t make bets during the rounds. Live betting is not supported. You’ll have around 10 seconds in-between the two rounds to push the buttons. Think and act promptly! Stay calm and focused. Avoid excessive risks.

No casino software developer specializes in this type of entertainment yet. Providers who used to build slots cautiously now release their first crash games to test the waters. In this review, we’ll be talking about titles by Spribe, SmartSoft, Pragmatic Play, BGaming and Gaming Corps. Many other brands are expected to join the niche soon.

Design of Crash Games

The design of crash games often reminds retro video games from the 80s. You’ll love it if you enjoy Atari games. Usually, the background is dark from the onset. Alternatively, it can get darker as the flying object takes off and disappears in space.

The controls are located at the bottom of the screen. Increase and decrease your bets, enable autobets and auto cashouts. The buttons and toggles are very easy to use. On the left or right side of the screen, there is the chat and the field with gaming statistics, updated in real-time.

The multiplier is displayed in the center of the screen. It’s bright and large, so you’ll never lose it out of sight.

Crash Games Design

How to Play Crash Gambling?

Crash game rules are transparent and intuitive:

  1. Place a cash bet
  2. A flying object, such as a plane, takes off
  3. The further it flies, the higher the multiplier
  4. At a random moment, the object crashes
  5. Cash out before the crash to win a prize whose amount equals the sum of your bet multiplied by the coefficient
  6. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you’ll lose your bet

The longer the duration of the gaming session, the higher the multiplier. The lowest multiplier is x1. Even if you cash out in the first second, you won’t lose money. But you’ll lose if the flying object crashes as soon as it takes off.

Crash games might feature bonus rounds and jackpots. Play actively to get incentivized!

How to Play Crash Games for Free?

Crash games can be available in demo mode:

  1. Sign up for an online casino
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Hover the mouse over the game’s icon
  4. Click Play for Free
  5. Train without excessive stress

Selected casinos allow their clients to train for free without signing in for a limited period of time.

In demo mode, you don’t put your savings at stake and can’t win cash. Virtual coins lack real-life value. You won’t be able to activate casino promotional offers, but you’ll access in-game bonuses. As you gain confidence, switch to paid mode and win money!.

The demo mode might go on forever. Or, you might get a limited number of attempts. As you reach the limits, you might need to deposit cash. Even after you deposit, you should be able to keep on training for free.

Not all casinos support demo mode. If there is no Play for Free button on the game’s icon, look for the same title on other platforms.

Target Audience of Crash Games

Crash games are ideal for beginners. To back up our viewpoint, let’s compare them with live dealer poker:

 Live dealer pokerCrash games
Players need to memorize the rules+
Intellectual efforts and experience are required+
Instead of remaining focused on the cards, you might get distracted by watching the dealer+

Before you learn to play poker, be ready to lose a lot of money. In crash games, gamblers start winning at the first attempt. That motivates and encourages them.

Compared to slots, crash games give you more control over the gameplay. Your task doesn’t boil down to pushing the button to set the reels in motion and waiting passively. Instead, you make decisions that influence your cash balance. This requires rational thinking — but not as much as poker.
Experienced gamblers love crash games as well. This type of entertainment is different from what they’re used to. Discerning players appreciate titles with innovative concepts. They try these games, fall in love with them, win cash and recommend them to their acquaintances. Crash games have a high referral rate.
This type of entertainment is equally popular among people who gamble on computers and mobile devices. Crash games nicely adapt to displays of any size. It will be convenient for you to push all the buttons on your smartphone.
Crash games are not suitable for underage players! They might look like simple video games for kids. But they involve cash bets, that’s why minors shouldn’t approach them. As you sign up for an online casino, you’ll have to provide a copy of your passport to prove that you’re not a kid.

Similarities and Differences Between Crash Games and Trading

Crash games resemble trading cryptocurrencies and other highly volatile assets. To make a profit, it’s vital to predict the crash or the point when the price of the asset decreases. Players and traders are torn between greed and common sense. Gamblers rely on their gut feeling. Traders apply technical analysis instruments and bots — but these algorithms can’t replace the human brain.

Unlike a game of chance, trading is a serious and demanding occupation. It can become your steady source of income. To excel at it, people complete courses and pay for private consultations.

Crash games are not a job. It’s entertainment with joyful visuals. Its mission is to help players relax and disconnect from the routine. If you tried trading but found it complicated, crash games are spot-on for you! If you’re a trader and want to unwind, launch a crash game — you’ll have good odds to succeed!

Pros and Cons of Crash Games

✅ New experiences❌ Simplistic design
✅ Easy and transparent rules❌ Lack of sophisticated bonuses
✅ Intuitive interfaces❌ Risks of losing cash
✅ Chance to win cash 
✅ Fascinating features 

Crash Game Features

Crash games support these features:

  • Quick bet. Bets of certain amounts can be made in one click.
  • Auto bet. The system will make bets on certain amounts automatically. You won’t need to push the button.
  • Auto cashout. You’ll cash out automatically as the multiplier reaches the limit that you set.
  • 50% cashout. Cash out one-half of your bet and go on playing with the second half. Only selected titles offer this feature.
  • Live chat. Talk to other players, exchange your experiences and have fun in real-time!
  • Live statistics. Analyze the bets that other players make, their cashout multipliers, as well as their wins and losses.
  • In-game bonuses and jackpots. Grab them as you see them!
  • Tournaments. Place cash bets, play actively and earn points. Participants with the largest number of points get monetary prizes.

Some cash games have all these features. Others include only selected ones.

How to Pick up the Best Casino with Crash Games?

When comparing casinos, focus on:

  • House edge
  • Auto bet and auto cash out
  • Bonuses
  • Deposit and withdrawal options

Let’s analyze them in detail.

Check House Edge

The term “house edge” denotes the percentage of funds that the casino leaves for itself. It’s the opposite of the RTP — the percentage of funds that the gambling platform distributes among its clients. The sum of the house edge and the RTP always equals 100%. For example: if a game’s RTP is 96%, its house edge is 4%. To boost your winnings, choose casinos and games with a low house edge.

Check the Possibility of Auto Cash Out and Auto Bet

Process automation eliminates the impact of the human factor and reduces risks. With the Auto Bet enabled, the system will place bets with specific amounts of money for you. The Auto Cash Out will help you cash out automatically as the multiplier reaches a certain level. Placing large bets and cashing out on low multipliers is a reliable winning strategy. Not all casinos support auto bets and auto cash outs.

Check the Bonus

Glance through the selection of available promotional offers in the casino. Detect those that are compatible with crash games. Assess the validity period and the wagering coefficient of each promotional offer. x20 is a low wager, while x50 is high. The lower the wager and the more generous the reward, the better for you.

Casinos don’t allow combining two or more bonuses. Before withdrawing, you’ll need to wager all your active promotional offers. When wagering a bonus, you can make bets only of certain amounts (such as no more than 5 coins or no more than 30% of the bonus funds).

Check Deposits and Withdrawals Options

Casinos accept financial operations through:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Prepaid vouchers
  • E-wallets
  • Crypto wallets
  • Bank transfers

Deposits are instant for all payment methods. There are no fees for depositing money.

Credit and debit cards The ability to use credit funds for gambling depends on your location. In Canada, you can use both credit and debit cards in online casinos. Cards have reasonable deposit and withdrawal limits. Withdrawals take up to 5 business days.

prepaid Prepaid vouchers are exceptionally safe if you buy them from a credible source. That source will get to know your private details while the casino won’t. On the flip side, prepaid vouchers might fail to support withdrawals.

Bank transfers are a bit outdated, but they still have their audience. It’s the slowest method: withdrawals can take over a week. The minimum limits for conducting financial operations are higher compared to cards, crypto or e-wallets. The maximum limits are medium-high.

E wallets E-wallets are the fastest payment option with the most affordable fees. Their limits for carrying out financial transactions are low, which is good for depositing and not so good for withdrawing. You’ll get your prize the same day when you withdraw it.

You’ll be required to indicate your preferred currency in the registration form or your user profile. Select the currency that you’re planning to use regularly. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fee for each financial operation. Some gambling platforms don’t allow their clients to change their preferred currencies once they have specified them.

Payment systems charge fees for processing financial transactions:

  • Bank transfers feature the highest fees
  • E-wallet fees are fixed and affordable
  • Crypto fees depend on the amount of the transaction and on how busy the network is

Top casinos charge no processing fees to their clients. Other platforms charge fees for customers who meet certain criteria. For instance, there can be no fee for requesting one or two withdrawals per day. But there will be a fee for requesting the third withdrawal.

Casino teams can process withdrawal requests 24/7 or only within working days and working hours. In the latter case, you can request a withdrawal at any time, such as Friday night. But it will be confirmed only on Monday morning. Add the time of waiting to the time that the payment system will need to send the money to you.

Be ready to withdraw funds through that payment system that you used to deposit. Only if the latter doesn’t allow customers to withdraw funds (such as MasterCard or selected prepaid cards) you’ll resort to an alternative.

The cards, accounts and wallets that you use should bear your name. You’ll be required to show their photos or screenshots when verifying your account. Maybe, you’ll have to take a selfie with your card, covering its CVV and the central digits of its number. Without verification, you won’t be able to withdraw funds, and your casino account will be blocked. Gambling platforms don’t allow clients to use cards, wallets and accounts that belong to their friends or family members. If you lack money, postpone gambling. If you borrow, ask friends or family members to send cash to your card, wallet or account. It’s a vital measure against fraud and money laundering.

If you hit a big win, be ready to split it into several transactions when withdrawing it. In addition to the withdrawal limits of the payment system, assess the limits that the casino imposes.

Check the Legitimacy of Casino

Sign up only for licensed gambling platforms. Casinos with a license tick these boxes:

  • Operate legally and are regulated by governmental bodies
  • Collaborate with international organizations that carry out independent audits
  • Purchase games from top providers
  • Play fair and ensure that all games operate according to their initial algorithms
  • Have large cash reserves to pay out the winnings to all their clients
  • Guarantee confidentiality of customers’ sensitive data and security of financial transactions

When playing from the desktop, look in the footer of the casino’s homepage for the number of the license and the name of the organization that issued it. In mobile format, the number of the license can be found in the About Us or Security section. Otherwise, ask the support crew about the license.

On our website, we recommend only legit and licensed casinos. All of them are modern, secure and trustworthy. They allow their clients to win and honestly transfer the prizes to them.

Why Do Not All Casinos Offer Crash Games?

Only selected casinos feature crash games because it’s a new type of entertainment. It’s less popular than slots, table games and live dealers. Gambling platforms purchase it to get an additional competitive edge and diversify their offer. As a casino adds crash games to its catalogue, it can’t predict whether they will become a hit or not.

Industry experts state that the demand for crash games will keep increasing. Time and marketing efforts are required. People are enthusiastic about trying new games. Jump at the opportunity to become one of the first crash game players online!


Crash Gambling Strategy

Crash games are built on a random number generator. No strategy can guarantee 100% success. However, a strategy can help you control your expenses and boost your odds of winning. Before applying a strategy, explore the crash game features and the rules of the gambling platform.

strategy logo1

Auto Bet Immediately

The lower the multiplier, the less likely the crash. Place large bets on small multipliers and cash out early. Automate the processes of placing bets and cashing out to minimize the risk of human error.

strategy logo3

Anti-Martingale Strategy

As you win, double your next bet. As you lose, reduce your next bet by half. This strategy resembles placing stop-loss orders when trading assets.

strategy logo2

Martingale Strategy

As you lose, double your bet. If your second bet wins, it will compensate for your losses. If you lose it, double your next bet. In selected casinos, this strategy is prohibited.

strategy logo4

Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci strategy resembles Martingale’s. The amount of your next bet equals the sums of the two previous ones. Originally, this strategy was used for playing roulette.

Crash Casino Games

Here are the characteristics of the most popular crash games. You can find them in dozens of casinos.

Aviator Game Logo

Aviator Game

This title was built by Spribe and became the pioneer within its category. Its RTP is 97%. Its volatility is low to medium. A plane takes off from a picturesque runway and flies to space.

The starting multiplier is x1. The highest possible one is x1,000,000 — but in reality, the game won’t go that far because it needs to remain profitable. An average Aviator session lasts from 8 to 30 seconds. But the plane can crash earlier than on the 8th second.

The minimum amount of the bet is 0.1 and the maximum is 100. The algorithms allow you to place two bets at once, so you can put up to 200 coins at stake.

For bets within the range of 1 to 10 coins, the quick bet function can be enabled. It allows you to place bets in one click. All the other bets require a bit more effort.

JetX Game

It was created by SmartSoft. Its RTP is 96.3%, and its volatility is medium. Compared to other games that we describe, its design is the most neutral. It’s neither too dark nor too bright.
Just as other crash games that we’ll mention, JetX largely mimics Aviator. The sums of the bets vary from 0.1 to 600. In theory, there are no limits for the highest multiplier. In reality, it’s rare luck to see it go beyond x100.
JetX lacks sophisticated bonuses. But it has three jackpot rounds, called Planet, Galaxy and Space. During each round, free bets are distributed among the most active players. Those who don’t gamble frequently fail to receive a prize. The progressive jackpot gets activated randomly. To be eligible for it, place bets worth at least 1 coin and cash out with a multiplier of at least x1.5.

Spaceman logo


The developer of this title, Pragmatic Play, has made a name for itself by building slot machines. Spaceman is its first foray into the crash games territory. Its RTP is 96.50%. There is no artificial volatility.

This game stands out from its competitors thanks to its cute visuals and vibrant colour palette. Instead of a plane or spaceship, an astronaut is flying.

Bets fall within the range of 0.1 to 100. The maximum multiplier is x5,000. Players have 10 seconds between the rounds to place their bets.

Spaceman supports 50% cashout. You can remove one-half of your bet while the multiplier is low and leave the second part to wait for a higher multiplier. This option is available for multipliers of x1.1 to x4,999. If you prefer to cash out 100% of your bet, feel free to do so.

SpaceXY logo


This one was built by BGaming. The XY letters in its name hint at two coordinate axes. The RTP is 97%, and the volatility is low to medium.

You launch a space rocket against a black background. The minimum sum of the bet is 0.1, and the maximum is 1,000 (which is higher than what the above-described competitors offer). The algorithms allow you to place one or two bets at a time. The highest multiplier is x10,000.

Lucky Jet logo

Lucky Jet

This title was released by Gaming Corps. A guy with a jet pack travels into space. The RTP and the volatility of the game remain unknown. Most probably, the RTP is 96% or slightly above, and the volatility is medium.

The maximum multiplier is x5,072. The allowed sums of the bets might vary from one casino to another. 4 people participate in a round: 1 gaming operator and 3 players who were the first to place their bets.

Dedicated Bonuses for Crash Games

Crash games are compatible with these types of promotional offers:

  • Faucet. The term “faucet” means that you complete simple tasks to get crypto rewards. For instance, you solve a captcha or click a link to earn several satoshis. This tool is not limited to online casinos. On faucet websites, people earn crypto to transfer to their wallets. Gamblers use their rewards to place bets with.
  • No deposit bonuses. Find a promo code on a third-party website, forum, blog or social network profile dedicated to gambling. Insert it on the casino website and get free money to place bets with. The casino administration can send promo codes to its clients as personalized incentives or birthday gifts. Enable the opportunity to receive promotional materials from the casino and check your SMS and emails regularly.
  • Reload bonuses. Deposit cash through a specific payment system, on a certain day of the week and with a certain minimum sum. Get extra funds to spend on bets.
  • Welcome packages. Casino welcome packages rarely include dedicated bonuses for crash games. Free spins from the welcome gifts are typically applied to slots. But as you get extra cash in terms of the welcome package, you can spend it on crash games. Match bonuses increase the sums of your first deposit or several consecutive deposits.
  • Free bets. It’s your chance to place bets without spending your savings. If you win, you’ll be able to withdraw the prize as usual.

Players have a right to accept only those promotional offers whose terms they find acceptable.

Bitcoin Play at Crash Casino Games

Crash games support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: ETH, DOGE, BCH, USDT… Cryptocurrencies have six advantages:

  • Anonymity
  • Fast transactions
  • Affordable processing fees
  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal limits
  • The convenience of separating your gaming budget from everyday expenses
  • Casinos offer dedicated bonuses to clients who use crypto

Licensed gambling platforms ask players to verify their identities even if they make bets with crypto. Customers submit copies of these papers to the casino administration:

  • Passport, ID or driving license
  • Proof of address (a household bill issued less than 3 months ago)
  • Proof of income (bank statement issued less than 3 months ago)

These papers confirm that the client has come of age, lives in a territory where they can gamble legally and uses their own money.

Why are cryptocurrencies anonymous? As you send funds from your crypto wallet and the casino accepts it, your name remains unknown. If a third party reviews the history of transactions in your crypto wallet, they won’t find out about your gaming hobby.

The speed of transactions in crypto blockchains depends on the amount of the transaction and on how busy the network is. Lucky winners might need to wait for hours until a multi-million jackpot reaches their wallet. Smaller sums are transferred instantly.

The larger the amount of the transaction and the busier the blockchain, the larger the fee. Fees for small transactions and more affordable compared to credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Selected casinos impose no maximum withdrawal limits for crypto. Those who hit the jackpot can withdraw it in one transaction. E-wallets, bank transfers and credit/debit cards would require you to split the sum into several transactions. However, in some casinos, the maximum withdrawal limits for crypto are the same as for e-wallets.

The primary drawback of depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies is that you can’t make a misprint. If you send funds to the wrong address, they will get lost, and you will fail to retrieve them. So instead of typing wallet addresses manually, copy and paste them.

Most Popular Payment Methods

When crash gambling for real money, most players conduct fiat financial operations through:

  • PayPal. This secure online payment system enables you to link credit or debit cards to it. As you transfer funds to the casino, the recipient won’t see your financial credentials. They will only get to know the address of your PayPal account.
  • Skrill. It’s an e-wallet that operates globally. Users can link their cards to it and get prepaid cards. Skrill is compatible with devices of many brands and operating systems. Its interface is intuitive and its fees are reasonable.
  • Apple Pay. It’s the signature payment option of Apple devices. Customers use it for their daily online and offline purchases as well as casino deposits. Your sensitive data is stored with your Apple account that features a high protection level. The casino won’t get access to that information.
  • Google Pay. It resembles Apply Pay but was developed by Google. Anyone with a Google account can join it. Transactions are fast, fees are low, and the interface is incredibly user-friendly.
PayPal logo
Skrill Logo
ApplePay logo

Set Limits to Control Your Expenses

It’s challenging to stop playing crash games. They’re faster and more adrenaline-fueled than table games and live dealers. They require more action than slots but still, they are simple.

To make the most of your gaming sessions, set limits for the time and funds you spend in an online casino. Do so in your user profile or in the registration form. As you reach the limit, the platform will prevent you from placing bets. Cool down and wait until the end of the rest period. That’s an efficient tool for preventing gaming addiction and reducing expenses.

As you win, withdraw funds and celebrate! That will make you happier than going on playing (because you might lose your winnings).


Place a bet. Wait until a plane or an alternative object takes off. The further it flies, the higher your bet's multiplier. At a random moment, the object will crash. Your task is to cash out before the crash. The sum of your prize will equal the sum of your bet multiplied by the coefficient. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you lose 100% of your bet. Repeat the cycle.
Crash games are available in paid or demo mode. To launch them in paid mode, sign up for an online casino, sign in, deposit cash and push the Play button. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you'll lose funds. If you cash out earlier, you'll win money and will be able to withdraw it. In demo mode, you'll be playing with virtual coins that lack monetary value.
To boost your odds to win, you may resort to the Martingale strategy, the Anti-Martingale strategy or the Fibonacci sequence. But the safest method is auto bet. You set the limit for cashing out. As the flying object reaches this multiplier, you'll cash out automatically. This approach eliminates the impact of the human factor. Make large bets on low multipliers. Selected casinos don't support auto bets.
No skills or expertise are required to play crash games. Make a bet and cash out! Experienced players apply strategies, but no strategy can guarantee a 100% win since the games are based on a random number generator. Crash games are more beginner-friendly than poker, blackjack, or baccarat. Their difficulty level is equal to slots. Novice gamblers love Aviator, JetX, Lucky Jet, Spaceman, , and Space XY.
Crash games are available on desktop and mobile. Their interfaces adapt to compact sizes of smartphones and tablets. The rules and your odds of winning remain identical on all devices. Online casinos customers can register only one account per person. Always login with the same user data on all devices. As you claim a crash game bonus on a computer, it will remain active on your smartphone.
Many online casinos allow their customers to play crash games without risking their savings. Sign up, sign in, hover the mouse over the game's icon and click Play for Free. You'll be placing bets and receiving the winnings with virtual coins that lack monetary value and can't be withdrawn. We'd recommend you launch crash games on these platforms: JooCasino, N1 Casino, Slot Hunter.