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  • Simple rules
  • Adrenaline-fueled gameplay
  • Compatibility with the mobile format
  • Chance to win funds
  • Opportunity to apply strategies
  • Risks of losing money
  • Simplistic design

JetX Game

JetX Game

The JetX casino game spices up online gaming sessions! It varies from conventional types of casino entertainment in its rules and interface. The outcome depends 100% on luck. A plane takes off from the runway, flies and crashes. Your task is to detect the optimal time for cashing out. From this review, you’ll learn how to play the JetX free game, place bets with money and use the JetX game tricks and strategies to boost your odds to win

JetX Gameplay

JetX is a mix of a slot and an arcade. It was built by SmartSoft Gaming provider — a smaller-scale brand with a talented and experienced team. JetX is a graphic interface developed around a random number generator (RNG). It resembles the Aviator game. This kind of entertainment is known as crash games.
A plane takes off, begins to fly and crashes. The higher it is, the larger the multiplier. At a random moment, the plane explodes, and the multiplier goes down to zero.
Players place bets within the range of 0.10 to 300 coins. They can place one or two bets at a time. The prize is calculated as your bet multiplied by the coefficient when cashing out.
You’ll win if you stop playing before the crash. If you cash out later, you’ll lose the full sum of your bet. Modify the level of risk wisely!
It would be unreasonable to expect the multiplier to become x1,000,000 because casinos need to remain profitable. If the system detects that players have been winning too much, it will make the plane crash with an x1.3 coefficient so that all the participants lose their bets.
By enabling the auto-cashout feature, you won’t need to stop the gameplay manually. Set a goal multiplier, and you’ll cash out automatically as the plane reaches the designated coefficient. This method can’t save you from losses. If the plane explodes before you stop playing, you’ll lose the full sum of your bet. This technique minimizes the impact of the human factor that leads to errors. You’ll eliminate excessive stress and will enjoy greater psychological comfort.
With the auto-cashout feature enabled, you can stop the game manually before the aircraft explodes. Players activate the auto-cashout for high coefficients to prevent losses if something distracts them unexpectedly. They cash out earlier manually to secure the winnings.
JetX has a three-level jackpot. If the plane doesn’t explode prematurely, it will travel through three levels: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. There will be a random jackpot on each level. The jackpot will be distributed among the most active players whose bets are larger than 1 coin.
During a game round, you’ll not be the only person placing bets on the plane. Hundreds of thousands of your competitors will be playing simultaneously. Their wins or losses won’t influence your prizes. If they play more actively than you, they will get a larger share of the jackpot.
Improve your gaming strategy by analyzing other players’ behaviour patterns. How many gamblers wait for higher coefficients? What’s the average bet and multiplier?

JetX Game

Train JetX at No Cost

Online casinos allow clients to play this crash game at no cost in demo mode:

  1. Sign up
  2. Sign in
  3. Hover the mouse over the JetX icon and press the Play for Free button
  4. Enjoy your gaming sessions!

The rules of the demo mode are identical to the paid mode: to win, stop playing before the plane explodes. You’ll be placing bets and receiving rewards with virtual coins that lack real-life value. To be able to withdraw the prize that you won, deposit money and play in paid mode.

How to Withdraw Cash

As you win, request a withdrawal. Pick a payment system among those that the casino supports. Make sure you fit within the range of the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Fully wager active bonuses. Request a withdrawal. Wait until the administration confirms it and then until the payment system processes it.
Withdrawals to crypto wallets and e-wallets are instant. Bank transfers and card withdrawals take up to 5 business days. Multiple withdrawals can be joined into one transaction.
Payment systems charge fees for processing financial operations. Casinos might also charge withdrawal fees. Crypto wallets and e-wallets involve the lowest minimum withdrawal limits and the most affordable fees. Bank transfers feature the highest limits and fees.

Similarity Between JetX and Trading High-Volatility Assets

Individuals who trade crypto or make money on binary options confess that JetX reminds them of trading platforms. If a player wants to profit in this game, it’s crucial to know when to stop transactions. It’s challenging to predict when an asset will “crash” (its price will go down). Traders rely on stop-loss and take-profit orders to automate their operations.
The interfaces of trading platforms are simplistic. They lack decorative elements but include in-built tools of technical analysis. Their working principle is similar to the JetX game.

JetX Features

The colour palette of JetX is dark. It’s based on black, grey and blue with neon green accents. Its graphics remind us of the visuals of the retro Atari games and other classic titles of the 80s. Such a design makes the elder generation of players feel nostalgic. Youngsters appreciate JetX because it looks cool and has a signature style.
The background is full of colourful details. As you play, you’ll see the airport’s infrastructure and then a space landscape. Don’t get too carried away with looking at the details! Your goal is to win!
The multiplier is displayed in the center of the screen. The numbers are large and bright green; it’s hard to make a mistake.
To edit your bets, press the “+” and “-” buttons. Identical buttons are located close to the “Collect” button — it sets the limit for the auto-cashout. Two toggles let you automate the processes of placing the bets and cashing out.
The interface is incredibly user-friendly. It will take you one minute to figure out how to play JetX and get accustomed to it.
The statistics of the gameplay are located in the right column. You’ll see how much other players put at stake and win.
When the plane explodes, the image on the screen will be impressive and emotional.

JetX Game
JetX Game

Jet X Game Bonuses

The three-level jackpot is built inside JetX. Besides, players apply casino bonuses to this game:

  • Free spins are normally compatible with slots. JetX is a mix of a slot and an arcade. Gambling platforms distribute free spins for this title too. In this context, this promotional offer is synonymous with free bets.
  • No deposit bonuses. Find a promo code on a third-party site, discover a bonus in the casino’s social media profile, get it on a gambling forum or receive it in a personalized message from a casino administration. To activate such a gift, you need to type in the code and/or push the Claim button. No deposit is required.
  • Reload bonuses. Deposit money, get extra bonus funds and spend them on JetX. The casino might require you to deposit through a specific payment system, on a specific day of the week and with no less than a certain sum.

JetX is rarely included in casino welcome packages. Welcome gifts typically feature free spins to the most well-known slots. Crash games are regarded as entertainment for discerned players in search of new experiences.

JetX by SmartSoft Gaming

JetX is the flagship title of SmartSoft Gaming. The Xgames are the new category of games that this developer specializes in. Besides, it builds slots, roulettes, keno and other types of entertainment. Here are informative statistics about the brand:

  • Its portfolio features over 100 titles
  • A new title hits the market every two months
  • Customers play SmartSoft games in over 500 online casinos
  • Its products are compatible with all mobile and desktop operating systems
  • SmartSoft games support all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies

SmartSoft Gaming was founded by three experienced software developers in 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It took it four years to become an internationally renowned brand. In 2020, the company was chosen as the “Debutant of the Year” at the Login Casino Awards. It’s licensed to operate in Georgia, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Colombia, Malta and Belarus.

JetX Game
JetX Game

Tips to Be an Effective JetX player

JetX is built on a random number generator. It’s impossible to cheat, hack the game or outsmart its algorithms. JetX prediction won’t work. But you can apply free spins, control your spending and think logically! No strategy can give you a 100% success guarantee — nevertheless, it cuts down expenses and boosts your odds to win.

The Martingale

Online gamblers and clients of sports bookmaking platforms rely on this strategy in various types of entertainment. The Martingale makes you double your bet each time you lose. You bet 3 coins, lose and bet 6 coins to compensate for the expenses. If you lose 6 coins, bet 12 coins, then 24 coins, etc. Mathematically, when you win, the prize will be larger than your total losses. Yet it’s impossible to predict when you’ll win. What if you’ll need to place 1,000 coins at stake?

The Martingale has two shortcomings:

  • To apply it, it’s vital to have a big bankroll
  • Many gambling platforms prohibit this strategy

Before placing your first Martingale bet on JetX, glance through the terms and conditions of the platform. If the text says nothing about this strategy, ask the support crew through the live chat whether it’s legit.

As soon as possible, cash out winnings

The longer the plane flies, the higher the risk that it will explode. Bet small sums and stop playing early before the multiplier becomes x2. The sum of your prize will exceed the amount of your bet. Repeat the cycle. After accumulating a handsome prize, request a withdrawal.

The primary drawback of this strategy is that the plane can explode with a very low coefficient, and you might lose more than win.

The higher the multiplier, the lower your bet

This strategy is based on the previous method but is more complex. It combines two approaches within one round:

  • High bet on a low coefficient
  • Low bet on a high coefficient

Enable auto-cashout. Regardless of when the plane explodes, you’ll get your prize.

Imagine you bet 5 coins with an x1.5 multiplier and 0.5 coins with an x30. If the plane explodes with x20, you’ll lose 0.5 coins and win 7.5 coins.

Сrash Game Jet-X Rules

In this section of the review, we’ll share a digest of the JetX crash game rules:

  • Place one or two bets, each within the range of 0.1 to 300
  • Let the plane take off and start flying
  • The longer it flies, the higher the multiplier
  • At a random moment, the plane will explode
  • If you stop playing before the explosion, you’ll win a monetary prize — and if not, you’ll lose your bet
  • The sum of your prize equals your bet multiplied by the coefficient at the moment of cashing out

Players perform three types of actions: place bets, start the game and stop playing.

To minimize the impact of the human factor, enable the auto-cashout mode. You’ll cash out automatically as soon as the plane reaches the designated multiplier. If the plane explodes earlier, the auto-cashout won’t save you from losses.

The plane passes three levels on its way: Planet, Galaxy and Space. Each of them has a jackpot that will be split between the most active players.

Where to play JetX
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Fight Club
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Sol Casino
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JetX is a simple and adrenaline-fueled casino crash game by SmartSoft. Players launch it in the demo mode or the paid mode. A plane takes off, begins to fly and explodes at a random moment. If you stop playing before the explosion, your prize will be calculated as your stake multiplied by the coefficient at the moment of cashing out. If you cash out after the explosion, you’ll lose your whole bet. It’s a game of chance where you modify your level of risk and apply strategies to control your budget. By its gameplay, JetX resembles another casino hit called the Aviator. By its design, it mimics the retro Atari games that were popular in the 1980s. Our honest slot verdict is: JetX deserves your attention! Play it in a licensed casino, train at no cost, switch to paid mode and enjoy your adrenaline rush!


JetX is an online casino crash game. A plane takes off, flies and explodes. Your task is to cash out before the crash. If you're late, you'll lose your whole bet. If you're on time, your prize will depend on the multiplier. The longer the plane flies, the larger the coefficient and the higher the risks. The rules are intuitive, and the gameplay is adrenaline-fueled.
Jetxbonus is a promotional offer applicable to this crash game. To get it, you need to deposit money, or type in a promo code, or receive a personalized incentive from the casino administration. The bonus allows you to place bets without spending savings from your pocket. If you win, you'll be allowed to withdraw as usual. The bonus has a wager: before requesting a withdrawal, play through the sum of the gift X times.
The JetX crash game is built on a random number generator. It's impossible to predict the time of the plane's explosion. Experienced players rely on the Martingale strategy and double their bet after each loss. Alternatively, it makes sense to place double bets within one round: a small bet on a high coefficient and a high bet on a small coefficient. The third way out is to bet on a low multiplier and enable auto-cashout.
JetX is available on dozens of gambling platforms. Many of them support the trial mode when you place bets without putting your savings at stake. To check the availability of the demo mode, hover the mouse over the game's icon and see whether the Play for Free button will appear. Trials take place in desktop and mobile formats.
The JetX crash game supports both the desktop and mobile formats. Its interface adapts to compact displays of smartphones and tablets. Mobile buttons are large, bright and conveniently located. The rules and algorithms of the game remain identical on all devices. On your smartphone or tablet, you deposit money, place bets and withdraw funds. Alternatively, train in demo mode.
The terms of withdrawals depend on the casino. The selection of payment systems normally includes cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and crypto wallets. Your winnings need to be larger than the minimum withdrawal limit. Before requesting a withdrawal, finalize wagering your bonuses. The platform's administration will confirm your request, and then, the payment system will process it.